We all know that projectors allow you to watch films on a 100 inch flat screen at a cinema, but, going to the home theater every weekend may be very costly at the end, so you may now start thinking about buying a projector to install in your own house, yes, it is possible, some projectors are very costly but there are some affordable and pretty reliable. So if you are thinking of buying one or you are already decided here are a few tips you need to know for this new adventure.

As every single device it has pros and cons, some of this features will depend on how good your decision is about the product and uses.


Screen Size: the right viewing angle will depend on how big or small your projector screen is, so be careful when choosing, have in mind that the bigger the room is the bigger the screen needs to be.

Type Of Projector: you opt to choose whether is a high-def screen, a 3D or even a 4K projector, purposes and qualities will be variable depending on the type.

Cost: Funny to say that some projectors are cheaper than a 4K TV, when a high-def TV can cost $ 1,200 a projector can be found between $ 600-1,000, so yes, sometimes a projector is a better option.

The Viewing Atmosphere: Due to the wider screen some people may find pleasant the experience, besides enjoying the movie or show with a lot more people will be a different but amazing experience.


Sound: this may differ with surrounding experience, simply because many projectors have speakers incorporated and quality is not the same as a the viewing experience, so with a big screen and room you may want to invest a little in a speaker set.

Lamps: Many projectors need to replace their lamps once a year, so careful when choosing your brand.

Illumination: This is a big problem for the projector screens, simply because the lightest glare of light may interrupt your experience when watching a movie, so be careful when installing your drapes or curtains, you will need the darkest room to enjoy 100 %.

Other Installations: When installing a projector and projector screen some other features may be automatically required like, extra seating, lighting control, AC, carpeted floor or wall etc, this will depend on how close you want your room to be a full customized home theater installation.

There you have a few Pros & Cons a projector and screen may have, now you know basics, careful when buying your own projector, remember this is an investment for you and your family at home so quality is one of the first thing you need to look for every device.